What To Sell During Recession? 4 Recession-Proof Products Ideas

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Published: 10th June 2008
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Gold prices soaring and US dollars sinking. The recession hit retailers particularly hard. We all see a slow down in online sales and many eBay sellers are starting to look for an alternative way, thanks to the recent eBay slap. I guess in times like this, it's either you make it or quit. Those who persist stays.

So, if lately your sales of high-heel shoes or Gucci bag have been falling off late, why not consider some of these products (which I'm listing below) which you can sell during the recession?

What do people really look when buying items in the economic downturn? What do they buy? Like you and me, we want things that make our life easier, save some gases, save time, most of all, save money and less bills.

Increase your product range, start a new niche, join an affiliate program or start blogging with these products in mind.

1. Scooters

With the average gas prices closing in at $4 per gallon, CNN reports that many car owners are turning to fuel-stingy motor scooters or smaller motorcycles. Sales of name-brand scooters such as Honda, Yamaha, Vespa and Suzuki rose 24 percent in the first quarter of the year, spokesman for the Motorcycle Industry Council trade group announced. And scooters pay for themselves in fuel savings over one to three years. You get what I mean?

2. Exercise equipment and Dance CDs

I am a member of the gym for my alternate days Yoga workout. Lately, I can't help but thinking to stop the membership. I used to work out 7 days a week, making full use of the membership. But lately, I have been going to the gym less and less. Probably it's the rain, blogging addiction or just well, plain lazy. I have some dance and yoga CD collections which I use when I want to shake it at home. And I am looking to buy somemore.

So, this is it. Thread mills, dumbells, Yoga mat, fitness balls, Yoga DVDs or even Nintendo Wii Fit. With the gasoline prices on the rise, more people will be staying home to cut down on bills. People are more likely to do a work out from home. It's something you pay once and no recurrence bill every month on your credit card.

3. High end solar calculator

Yeah, people will be doing a lot of calculations at the grocery store now. Which is better? How much can I save? It's always a good idea to carry one in your bag before you blindly make a purchase at the store. Plus, it's solar, people don't have to worry about replacing batteries. Good eh?

4. Your services

If you write well, does photography, know somethings which people don't, create a product and sell them! You can become a virtual assistant and offer your writing skills. Check out epinions.com, guru.com or elance.com. And since many people will be going out less, there will be a high percentage of these people who are eager to learn something new (like how to make more money and spend less?) If you know HTML, say it. If you know Wordpress, show it. If you know how to write a book, do it.

Jenny How is a full time eBay Powerseller. She has been earning a living from eBay since 3 years ago after a surgery which left her with facial paralysis. She publishes free eBay tips and practical guides on how to sell on eBay More in depth articles and tips posted at her site http://www.jennyhow.comThis is an example of a normal text note.

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